Born in Andoya, Northern Norway


  • High school Sortland, Northern Norway 1965
  • Foyer des Arts Plastiques Paris 1966-67
  • National Art and Craft School Oslo 1968-69
  • National Art Academy Oslo 1967-73
  • Scholarship National Art Academy 1974-76

Solo exhibitions:

  • Young Artists Society Oslo paintings 1972
  • Listaskalan Torshavn Faroe Islands paintings 1973
  • Vestfold Music Festival Larvik sculpture 1992
  • North Norwegian Music Festival Harstad sculpture 1993
  • Oslo Kunstforening (art society) sculpture 1995
  • Cité Internationale des Arts Paris sculpture 1999
  • Artists House Sortland sculpture 2000
  • Eidsfoss Mansion sculpture and digital prints 2012
  • Kulturfabrikken Sortland, models Golfstream Park, digital prints 2016
  • Culture House BØLGEN (The WAVE) Larvik. sculptures and digital prints 2016

Collective exhibitions:

  • The Fall Exhibition Oslo 6 times 1978-98
  • «Sculpture Under Way» Oslo Bergen Trondheim 1980-81
  • Baerum Art Society 1996
  • «Norge 97» Goetenburg 1997
  • Gallery F 15 Moss 1997
  • Centre d’Art Microscopique de Paris 1999
  • Art society «Worlds End» Tjoeme 2000
  • Summer exhibition Fossekleiva Svelvik 2001
  • Haugar Vestfold Art Museum Toensberg 2003
  • «Halvdan Ljoesne (one of my professors at the Art Academy) with students» Baerum Art Society 2005
  • Art society «Worlds End» Tjoeme 2012

National collections:

  • Norwegian Cultural Council painting 1973
  • National Gallery Oslo sculpture 1980 (Now in The Museum of Contemporary Art)

Public works:

  • 21 works all together in Norwegian cities.
  • 2 works in Croatian village Mimice 1997 and 2001
  • 1 work at Ege University Izmir Turkey 2013

Travels and work stays:

  • France Spain Algeria Tunis Greece Brasil Sri Lanka Nepal Svalbard Italy Croatia Vietnam Turkey

Positions of trust:

  • Member of the art buying committee of The National Gallery 1981-83
  • Member of The National Jury (The Fall Exhibition) 1996-97
  • President World Art Games Norway since 2012


  • Norwegian (opens up also for Swedish and Danish)
  • English and French fluent
  • Navigate also in German Spanish and Italian


  • Awarded in a number of open competitions
  • Participated in symposiums in Croatia 1997 and 2001 in Larvik Norway 2000 and in Izmir Turkey 2013
  • Idea-provider for «Cultural Thanksgiving to the Gulf Stream» a cooperation between 6 municipalities in Vesteraalen Northern Norway 1999-2005
  • Granted one year stay at the Cité Internationale des Arts Paris 1999-2000
  • Taken part in international theatre-project in France with stage sculpture (scenography) 2000-2003 with among others performance in La Comédie Francaise Studio in the Louvre complex
  • Worked for several years trying to move the Norwegian government to become co-creators of a Gulf Stream Park in Andoeya Northern Norway as a permanent homage and thank you to our life-providing ocean current. Without it life at our latitudes would have proved very difficult if not impossible