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drift III / ræk III

Drift III / Ræk III
Hovden, Vesterålen, 2003
Permanent installation made from drift wood, floating devices/plastic elements used to float fishing nets,

and diabas stone column from Iceland.

Kunst i Vesterålen Ræk
Photo: Trym Ivar Bergsmo

forest for night wanderers / skog for nattvandrere

Photo: Johan Breines / Nordland Akademi for Kunst og Vitenskap

Forest for night wanderers / Skog for nattvandrere 1992

Temporary installation shown at Eidsfoss, 1992,
during the Arctic Arts Festival, Harstad, 1992, and inside the old
Fish oil tank in Melbu, during Sommer-Melbu Festival, 2015.
Material: Polyester fabric used in paper industry, wood, steel,
internal lights. Size: The tallest element is 6 m high

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